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Here's a couple of suggestive instances I can recall just from this weekend alone along the line of "Newbie ettiquette":

1. If you ask for, and are invited into a group because you are gossiping about the need to group for exp...don't join and immediately pester said group to take you to X high level mob so that we can load you X item of eq. I come across this one from time to time...but had it happen on two different occassions this weekend (Could have been the same newbie in different forms).

2. Don't ask me to strip off items of my own personal eq and hand it over to you. In this instance, it was the stack of skins my ranger was wearing...skins I spent more hours on than I should have to acquire, but they were my personal skins nonetheless. And then he had the nerve to get pissy with me when I gave him a simple "No". To top it all off..the char wasn't even a ranger, but a thief!

Now I know that I personally may have not been the best newbie, but one thing I wasn't was rude and annoying, and it seems that anymore the only newbies that stick out are the ones that are a problem. That being said, If you don't want to stick out to the population of the game in a an bad way, be polite and kind to other mudders.

Also, interaction between us 'old heads' and newbies should also be a little more friendly - until a newbie has proven themselves to be unworthy of kindness.


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