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As far as the basics go, most of them can be found in 'help newbie'. The help files are your friends! They contain a wealth of information that can be very helpful to players, newbies and veterans alike. What I'm covering here is things that aren't necessarily found in help files, but are still important to know. It's more of a "newbie survival guide", if you will. :)

On Leveling and Equipment:

My recommendation for the best newbie area to level in is the Zoo. There are many mobs to be found, of varying levels, and the experience and gold is better than any of the rest of the areas written strictly for newbies. However, most of the monsters in the Zoo are neutral. If you want to be evil, fix your alignment in the Crystal Caves. If you want to be good, kill goblins in Mistamere. The newbie areas contain equipment, which can be found more often than not on the floor. When you find things in the newbie areas, they are made to be useful to you, as a new player. There are also identify scrolls, if you're curious as to what the items that you are wearing do for your character.

On Policies:

You'll want to read through the policies of JediMUD before you start playing. The rules are slightly different on every MUD, so familiarize yourself with what is legal in this forum. A full listing of JediMUD's policies can be found by typing in 'policy'. Note what will not be tolerated, and be mindful not to engage in that kind of behavior. If you have not read through the policies, and break the rules by chance, the phrase "I didn't know" won't be looked upon kindly by any of the immortal staff you have to deal with, as the policy is there in black and white for everyone to read.

On Immortals:

Immortals are people that have achieved Level 31 on JediMUD. Some of them have remained in the immortal realm either for socializing with other immortals, or because of the opportunity of promotion. Immortals that make an effort to be helpful and shine above their peers are noticed, and may eventually be promoted if they wish to be. A listing of all of the immortals on JediMUD can be found by typing "immlist". A small portion of the immortals on JediMUD have reached the level of DEMI or above, and are considered to be the administrative staff of the MUD. These people give their time to help the mud be a fun place for everyone, whether it be by enacting changes, or by running quests from time to time. Annoying members of the administrative staff is probably one of the worst things you can do if you want to remain on JediMUD.

Different levels of immortals are in charge of different things. Starting at GRDN, immortals have the power to enforce policies and procedures beyond a simple "please stop what you are doing". Anyone of level GRDN and above should be listened to, as the administrative staff have seen fit to promote these people to a level befitting their ability and their dedication. If an immortal asks you to stop doing something, it would definitely be a good idea to do so.

QSTR is a recently reinstated position in charge of running quests.

BLDR is a recently installed position in charge of building areas.

Promotions of immortals are done solely at the discretion of the administration. If you want a promotion, then do anything you can to make yourself stand out from your peers. Begging for a promotion will only annoy them.

If you really do have a problem that requires a DEMI+ to fix, be patient. They are frequently away working on things to better the mud, or perhaps dealing with another problem that has come up. That said, don't ever be afraid to ask for help if you think that there's a problem with your character, or with another player.

On Mortals:

First and foremost, 'spamming' every mortal that logs in for help is probably the best and fastest way to annoy people. Rumor travels faster than the speed of light, and before you know it, you've been branded as "that annoying guy", and nobody will help you! But you can avoid this grisly fate! Ask on gossip if you want to group. Some people will group with newbies and help them level, and help you get some basic equipment. However, don't 'spam' gossip repeatedly begging/demanding people to group with you. They may be busy doing their own thing, or they may not want to help newbies. While this, perhaps, isn't nice, it is their choice.

A few players still use the [NH] flag in their title to indicate that they will help newbies. Typing 'who -n NH' will tell you if any of them are online.

On Exploration:

Spamming on gossip for directions also won't get you much of anywhere. My advice to the newbie is simply to explore. Explore, explore, explore. However, be careful! Read the room descriptions as you explore! Death Traps lurk out in the realm, waiting to take all of your equipment from you irrevocably. The smart adventurer can avoid these if he simply reads the room descriptions.

When you explore, make sure you take plenty of food and water with you, and don't forget the recall scrolls! Nothing is more embarassing than having to ask for a summon back to your hometown because you got lost! A recall scroll is your quick ticket back to where you enter the game. So, support your local magic shop by purchasing a few scrolls of recall before shipping out for parts unknown.

Hopefully these few tips will help you get started playing. Welcome to JediMUD, and may your adventures be many!



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