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                  <| Last Reported On: 1/29/18  |>
                  <|      By: Austinpowers      |>

  Feb. 20th we will be getting a bump in internet speed. We will 
  be going from 120M to 1Gig. It will be around 5pm EST I will need
  to reboot my router to have the upgrades take place. That is about 
  1-2 Min of reboot time.  

  JediMUD version 5.9.6 will be coming out soon. It will introduce a
  new zone. A new world format  will be deployed. It will allow us
  to update spec procs on the fly for objects/mobs/rooms.
  We will be removing the trains/shuttle and replacing with a
  transporter and high speed rail all via triggers.

  Much more is coming, as we try to improve the game and game balance,
  and deploy several new zones.

   PLEASE REMEMBER to use DNS (jedimud.net) and not its IP. Though
   we have NO intention to move us again or change the IP, we
   cannot control all the external forces. Email remains the same.
   Please see "help admin email" for further information.

   As a reminder, the game is paid for and supported by the JediMUD

   The JediMud Admin Team

   --- Kailyn, Doc, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Silverking, Despair and Sand
           The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin@@jedimud.com
           JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/


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