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                  <| Welcome to JediMUD Version 6.0 |>

*************************Easter Quest Active****************************

*** 7/12/18  - internet provider came out and fixed my service. The cabling
               had degraded to the point of failure. Hence the signal was
               so weak, i was barely getting any service. It is now repaired.

*** 4/2/18   - Updates to Toyland and SW were put in. This should solve
               the crash bug in Toyland. SW a few tweaks were put in.

*** 3/28/18  - Due to a crash bug in the history death/mkill I have
               temporarily disabled these.

*** 3/26/18  - JediMUD version 6.0 has been released!

*******   REMINDER: You can have two characters logged in, but
         you must log out any other character. Breaking link
         and logging in another character still counts as 3 characters.

*******  REMINDER: Several characters have been caught botting. We have
         said before, please do not BOT. Now warnings will be
         going out. If you feel that you have a reason we should ignore
         or forgo this rule, please state your case to the Jedi-Admin.
         Thank you.

***      We hope that you enjoy what we are trying to put forth!

--- Kailyn, Doc, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, and Hurin
        The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin	*jedimud.com
        JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/


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