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                    *      JediMUD 6.0 Changes    *
Mar. 05, 2019 - Fixed typo in shield collapse, it was not enclosed in
              - Fixed typo in fragment of darkness which had an issue
                when camo'd.

Jan. 07, 2019 - flaming potion assembly type changes from thatch to mix.
              - Rangers should have had detect poison, that has been 
              - Arula bone ring perma spell corrected.
              - Charon river crossing is back to normal. It was a memory
                issue preventing movement. Reboot corrected
              - history command completed for quest channel. This was a 
                feature enhancement. - Now Fixed

Nov. 19, 2018 - Bug fix - Added ability to save crash rent on remort.
              - Repaired toggle and enabled
              - Strike repaired to give both damage and damage messages
              - Mark I phaser message type updated.
              - Shop Keepers should be allowing purchases. Bug in 
                new timer code fixed.
              - several issues Identified by TJ have been confirmed and
              - Lordchi was added back as the guardian of the mage guild in 
              - communal prayer reporting is now corrected to the correct

Jun. 30, 2018 - Updates to Toyland

Apr. 13, 2018 - Added Serenity and Intensity as variables to Triggers.
              - Added new checks for dwield.

Mar. 26, 2018 - New Version 6.0 - many updates/fixes and world databae
              - History cmd has been updated to track your mob kills
                and how many times a mob has killed you. mkills and death.

              - Many Mudlog's needed to be adjust for invis_lev. 
              - New DG_triggers fields added to support new functions
                in the game. Such a Crash_insurance!
              - New Backup command for players. It allows them to backup
                their rent files. This may be automated in the future.
                also used to recover rent file for crash_insurance.
              - World files overhauled. We became more inline with 
                TBAMUD base code. We added simple/enhanced/special
                procedure to the loading of mobs.
              - complete rewrite of specil procedure loading. We do not
                use memory storage but now use arrays to hold the procs.
                This allowed us to do the following:
              - Room/Objects/Mobiles now can have the special procedures
                edited from OLC. We can also add/delete/edit any proc.
              - The Star Wars shuttle and train system from MID/NT/Skara
                all have been removed and triggers put in place. 
              - In honor of NOX, we have added a JediMUD greeter to all
                entrance rooms in the hometowns. It is trigger based.
              - To follow this up, we added one new room to each hometown
                except Midgaard which already had the "adventure's meeting room"
                We now have a Historian in that room that is trigger based 
                which lists out changes since we overhauled 5.6. This gives
                returning players who do not know of these changes some heads
              - Crash insurance is now in!!!! Please see help crash insurance.
              - Toyland - A new zone has been added, it is also the first zone
                to fully incorporate Triggers. It has many in zone quests.
              - Bug fix: Half-elf class selection has been fixed.
              - Bug fix: Freeze/Thaw immortal cmd was using GET_LEVEL instead
                         of GET_ADMLEVEL
              - Bug fix: Corpse decay in inventory, objects would go to floor.
                         Now decay into inventory if the corpse is in inventory.
              - Bug fix: link-dead characters now force rented after 15Min. 
                         We inadverntantly had the timer 2x causing the rent out
                         to take over an hour. 
              - Bug fix: Object timers were left out of the database load
                         and save. This has also be added to rent saving.
              - Bug Fix: Pabs found a bug in object type DEVICE. The object verb
                         code had 6 of the 21 fields reference ROOM RNUM instead
                         VNUM effectively breaking them. Dont be suprised if you
                         see some new behavior. Does not affect Ruby Slippers.
              - New addition - Elgar has proposed a new serenity/intensity addition
                               to the game. It does change game balance a little,
                               and we have implemented 80% of this now. Details to
              - Upate - Information spell now shows regen stats and Damage/hitroll
                        stats when a strength spell or strength addtion is present. 

Feb. 07, 2018 - Unrentable objects will be removed from the game
                on crashes. Apparently this was not happening,
                and i have now repaired this.

Feb. 06, 2018 - Valid_target() which a majority of spec procs use
                in advertantly causes procs to not fire as much as
                they should. With the help of Kia, we have fixed this.
              - Adjusted the speed of mobile tick to 8.
              - Adjusted the Heartbeat down by 1.
              - Bug in History of Group say. Now fixed.

Jan. 31, 2018 - Damage multiplier for bash/pummel and other skills
                now fixed. The stock TBAMUD formula has a logic error.
                They used an integer, where we needed a floating value.
              - bug in mobiles staying sitting/resting now fixed.
              - Procs were not firing due to sitting/resting mobiles.
                that is now fixed.

Jan. 31, 2018 - A typo was discoverd in AC calculation. Found I was
                adding a divisor of 10 x2 instead of just the 1x.
              - Removed a POSITION change in combat that forced
                mobiles to stand. 

Jan. 29, 2018 - WAIT states updated for spells. Further tweaks coming

Jan. 27, 2018 - WAIT state on spells updated to 1 spell per round.
              - Updated VM (VMWARE) VPCU and Threads to 8 on server.

Jan. 23, 2018 - Message for regeneration spell in score now added.
              - Tweaks to combat fighting, to adjust for Live by sword,
                weapons knowledge, and barehand dam. I have updated 
                the code to be more Jedi than TBAMUD for this.
              - Zedit (admin cmd) is now updated to work with LIST. 
                it allows DEMI+ to edit quest or special load zones.
              - Hash table now updated upon updates in redit/sedit/oedit
              - Strike updated to remove MIN from the MAX/MIN formula

Jan. 17, 2018 - Bug in stock TBAMUD dg_script engine. With the help of
                Welcor the writer of the script engine, we were able
                reproduce the bug and thus fix it. 
              - updated some reporting where we cut off "player".
              - Updated several GET_LEVEL statements that should be
                GET_ADMLEVEL for wiz commands.
              - Several special procs updated to use valid_target()
              - Added dg_tiggers to Directed Teleport - specifically
                in reference to greetings.
              - Added dg_triggers to Gateways. specifically in reference
                to greetings.

Jan. 13, 2018 - Memory leak in spec procs. Moved the free'ing of memory
                outside of the prototype functions. Fixes Object and 
                mob memory leak.
              - Corpse creation memory leak. Found code that should not
                have been there which caused use to allocate memory
                that was never free'd.
              - Found that player thievery was attempted and successed.
                found that i had not moved over the cedit (config edit)
                entry that blocks player to player thieving. - Side not
                If i do find this was ramped, and no player admits to this
                the penalty will be worse than just coming clean to the admin.
                off soap box. Thanks to those who pointed it out to us.
              - updates to our htree binary sort tracker. This is how we
                tag and update objects/mobs/characters in the game for more
                efficient tracking. Memory leak found in 3 functions and updated.
              - Board messages added back. I suffixed them with the person and title
                of the post and copied the post back.

Jan. 12, 2018 - Major Memory leak in boards, forced us to replace the 
                system with binary boards vs. ASCII boards.
                Sand has kept the record on the boards for which we will
                add back, and will be added back.
              - free_object() referenced NOTHING instead of NOWHERE which
                causes an issue with RNUM's.
              - Look in room with a board will now work normal. We have fixed
                this as part of the new boards.
              - We added a NULL check to valid_dg_target() which kept getting
                hit with invalid characters. This should be fixed with the mem 
                leak but i wanted the extra safety.
              - TICKS/Heartbeat updated. We have increased the OPT_USEC from 
                10000 to 100000. That is "how many commands will be processed 
                by the MUD per sec". In addition we updated passes per second 
                to 1000000/OPT_USEC which is "how many heartbeats equate to one 
                second." All TICKS's have been adjusted accordingly. This could
                affect all PULSE timers. Which we can adjust on the fly.
              - Fight.c has now had perform_violence split up into the 2 original
                Jedi Methods post_hit() and generic_hit(). In addition we removed
                the DEATH check from the damage function, as it should not be

Jan. 10, 2018 - Bug fixes in race stat addition to new characters fixed.
              - Damage on perfect characters used incorrect formula. It
                now uses your real_abils instead of your aff_abils.
              - New autorun script to combat some issues with the newer
                Unix OS's.

Jan. 07, 2018 - Crash bug in in zedit all now fixed.

Jan. 02, 2018 - Updated move gains for Ninja Class.
              - Tweaked crash bug in Remort demotion. 

Dec. 20, 2017 - Reverted change to do_tell so we could use short names.
              - Onivel and his honor guard re-written to act like King Welmar.
              - Updates to Spec procs AREA spells and Purge pets. Now if the
                caster has groupies they are immune to these spells or being
              - Troll Race removed from game.
              - New Races half-elf and half-orc added.
              - New characters will now have stats influenced by race.
              - New characters will have their height and weight based on race.
              - New characters will have perma infra for 2 races. (bug present
                allows affect to wear off.)
              - DEATH logging fully in now. invent, containers and equipped will 
                be logged.
              - CRASH insurance 50% the way in now. Admin can now update objects
                while i finish of the receptionist/cyro update.
              - other various minorfixes/updates.
              - Zones that are remort or quest only allowed movement through due
                to a bug in the check. I used the wrong value to check against.
                this is now fixed.

Nov. 27, 2017 - Bug in stock alias code caused the corruption of aliases over
                256 characters. I have now corrected this and limited 
                creation of alises to 512 charcters when creating a new alias.
              - one of my logging statements caused crashes inside of scripts.
                I have now removed them.
              - I have removed cmd_flee and cmd_retreat from spec proc
                proc_no_flee(). Since the searching of what the command number
                was causing multiple "cannot flee right now" messages. 
                This has no affect on the spec proc, and the corrections we 
                made outside of the proc to prevent wimpy to kick in still work.
              - Policy has now been re-enabled. With policy remort being fixed
                for color bleed.

Nov. 20, 2017 - Onivel Honor guards now load in zone file 120, and not 122.
              - Death is now logged, including containers upon death. This is
                required for the upcoming CRASH INSURANCE.
              - 90% of Crash insurance is in. I have not installed the 
                purchase of it into the receptionists/Cyro and the help files.

Nov. 19, 2017 - Bug in CAN SEE was tested and Squashed. I house cleaning
                update make this bug come to the forefront. 
              - Many house cleaning items between TBAMUD and our mud.
                I had to make sure i had not missed anything. Major
                items are in dev as we speak.
              - flee and retreat commands were updated to no longer use
                static CMD_FLEE/RETREAT and to use find_command(). This now
                fixes a long standing bug with "WIMPY". The "NO FLEE PROC"
                now blocks you when your wimpy kicks in.
              - Bug in Onivel Honor guard would crash game if victim had died
                and honor guard was in the middle of rescure and starting
                combat. We know check for the existance of the "victim", 
                before initiating combat on the rescue.
              - An Uninteded SIDE AFFECT, has corrected several items. The 
                most important one is the bug SLEEP. You can no longer sleep 
                mobiles above your level which matches Jedi 5.6 version.

Nov. 4, 2017  - Bug in selling items did not allow a player to sell object
                once rented. I have now fixed this bug.
              - Updated Medit to allow for higher damroll and hitroll on
              - Bug in ungroup x.charmie, removed the charmie from the group
                but did not stop the follower. It is a stock bug in TBAMUD
                and i have correct this. Now it properly ungroups that 

Nov. 1, 2017  - A bug in spec proc "Armies" was discovered blocking the proc
                from firing off. I have now fixed this, and the val1 is now 
                >= to that value. I also changed it from traversing the entire 
                character list to only characters present in that room.
              - An oversite on RESIST types allowed bard spell petrify get 
                through with no impact. That has been corrected and added to 
                the appropriate places. *** that means 
                RESIST/REFLECT/HEAL/REDUCE etc etc will now pound you if it 
                has petrification/petrify. I have added a new resist type mental 
                for this.
              - An update to remorting characters that allows them to keep their
                multi player bit.

Oct. 29, 2017 - Updated do_who. There was a bug allowing for mortal characters
                to appear in the immortal who portion.
              - 2 bugs in sql saving, in which I did not free the results after
                searching for character.
              - Started the upgrade of sql moving most sql functions into
                sqlcommon.c/.h. The intention being that sql calls are going to
                be more efficient sending in UPDATE, INSERT, MODIFY or DELETE.
              - Medit - Disable of spec proc editing/adding. Bug is present in which
                causes a crash. I will need to work on this.
              - New character creation - caused an issue in SQL. We would get an alert
                the character did not exist when trying to perform an update. It should
                never try to update a new character. Now corrected to skip out of a 
                character with level 0.
              - wizlock now checks for admin status in addition to the mortal level. It 
                only affects the mortal level login so long as you are not an immort.

July 19, 2017 - Who -s inadvertently broken, now fixed.

July 18, 2017 - updated puff interactive to now skip out if under 3 players.
                also updated to skip LD players.

June 18, 2017 - Bug in camp, room was saved out as 0 instead of the vnum
                of room. Also mising camp code in listrent and Crash_load().
              - DO WHO() overhauled to conform to TBAMUD base code and
                updated to use Jedi notations. It now seperates out
                immortals, mortals, and linkdead. Introduced find_race_bitvector
                and find_class_bitvector() to address classes and races.
              - do_users() - updated user -c and user -r for class/races to
                reference the above find_class/race_bitvector.

May 26,  2017 - Thanks to Dank, who discovered that the charisma assembly
                had the wrong assembly type. This has been corrected.
May 25,  2017 - Updated boards to now show year and timestamp of post.

May 23,  2017 - Upon watching characters remort, i noticed they do
                not get removed from the imm/wiz list. I found a bug
                upon where the charcter is demoted but the wiz/immlist
                is generated from the player index. We did not update
                that until after the player was already remoted and
                autowiz was called. Now i save the player prior to 
                the autowiz, that way the player index is updated before
                we call autowiz.
	      - bug in get_number(). Per Sand when calling spells
                that reference 2.x 3.x and so on, the number was ignored.
                bug in TBAMUD base code. This has been reported to TBAMUD
                and all references in which we do not have a 2.x, 3.x etc
                now correctly call in order get_number(). Tested and validated.

May  19, 2017 - Missing carry over code in remort caused crashes on
                characters remorting. This is now fixed.

May  18, 2017 - Bug in new character creation - adding to player index.
                forgot to carry over sql_connect() to open the sql database.

May  17, 2017 - Bug was not corrected in reboot x, it has now
                truly squashed.
              - Bug with conversion PRF_WRITING and PRF_MAILING, not 
                all values were convered to PLR_WRITING/PLR_MAILING and
                their corresponding checks. All of these have been corrected.
              - Left over logging commands removed.
              - BOARDS have been reverted to old format and all previously
                posted messages recovered. Only missing QUEST message from
                Despair. - I have combined some of the board code to 
                take advantaged of some features. Almost all memory leaks

May  14, 2017 - Bug in reboot xhelp/xihelp/xpolicy/xolc causes a double
                free. I left out the check for duplicate on keywords
                which allowed for this field to be free'd 2x or 3x or 4x 
                etc etc. It was each of the free_help_

May  12, 2017 - Perfect characters that have all stats above 18 and
                stradd at 100 will now see damage from skills/spells.

May  10, 2017 - Bug in SQL player index. New players were not being
                inserted into player index. This has been corrected.

May   8, 2017 - Update to do_damage() in hopes to addresses the issue
                of tank not always being hit. 
              - Update to char_from_room() to address stop_Fighting of

 --- Kailyn, Doc, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, and Hurin
           The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin@*jedimud.com
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